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Deco M5- TP Link Router

TP link Technologies is coming with a brand new router with the aim of providing the Internet without interruption. Want to know more about Deco M5?

TP Link Technologies is a Chinese company which produces a list of Networking products which include a wireless router, mobile phones, ADSL, range extenders, routers, switches, IP cameras, powerline adapters, print servers and many other computer networking devices.

TP Link Technologies is already ruling its market with their quality routers. And now to continue its legacy, they are going to introduce their new router Deco M5.

TP Link believes that the internet is something which exists to ease our work not something makes our work even more difficult and they designed this Deco M5 with this same aim.

Deco M5 is a Whole Home Wi-Fi System with the help of which you can paint your home with the internet. Deco M5 will give you the most extensive security. It will give you fast and uninterrupted access to your internet in every room of your home by utilizing the power of 3 separate AC1300 units for up to 4,500 sq. ft.

Another plus point with Deco M5 is that it is easy to set up and grow your network i.e., it is easy to increase the number of devices which can access the internet facility.

Deco M5 is backed up with 24 * 7 TP Link Router Customer Support.

Deco M5 is capable of providing you uninterrupted internet service as it keeps your network strong by creating a unified Wi-Fi network so that each individual of your family can enjoy one seamless connection.

Thus, a list of features of Deco M5 is as follows:

1.  HomeCareTM

It gives Deco M5, the most extensive security of any whole-home Wi-Fi System.

HomecareTM included:

                         a) Robust Parental Control

                         b) 3-Year Built-In Antivirus

                         c) Usage Report

                         d)Quality of Service

2. Assisted Setup

 Deco will assist you to find the perfect spot to place it.

3. Speedtest

You can check the upload and download speeds of your network to get full access to your internet.

4. ART

ART stands for Adaptive Routing Technology. Deco M5 is a smart device, which automatically chooses the un-traffic path for your every device based on the location of each Deco unit.

5. 24*7 Support

Deco M5 is backed up with 24 * 7 TP Link Router Customer Support. You can contact us anytime at our TP Link Router Customer Care Number for setup assistance, any tech assistance, or for the lifetime of your router.


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Deco M5