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Have you heard about the Microsoft office 365? Probably you have heard about it in the business organization, offices. You have taken a look at all tools and now you will wonder if office 365 is the solution for all small business. And I will say, yes. It can help in business so that employees work together in a very new and efficient ways. It is more than just only a set of tools. Obviously, it is a new way of working. Here some reasons are provided which can be beneficial for small business- 

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1.    Stay up and runs, no matter what is happening 

If your system or office building has been destroyed by means of some fire or flood you will be shocked to see it. You don’t have to remain any data, servers, websites. A survey and statistics were collected in 2015 by US Institute of business and home safety which had shown that most of the small businesses do not open following a major disaster. If you transfer your data to the cloud, your all applications, business documents like emails will always be available. 

2.    Data security and control 

In the cloud, data security is no longer an issue. It has been built in security and compliance so small businesses can focus on the correct things. You know all the time where is your data and files and who has right to access it. You can also wipe your all data if you have lost your mobile device. So move forward and your data will be safe in the cloud. If your data is safe online in case if something happens. Say thanks to 1TB of drive online storage, your data will be safe even more. 

3.    Anywhere, anytime you can work. 

You need an IT friend for setting up a virtual private network so you can be able to access your files from the office. 

4.    Get organized 

Emails, meetings, and contact management are an important part of everyday life in a small business. When you use it, calendars, emails, and contacts all are being synchronized to work together. Also, update the contacts on your mobile device and it will be automatically updated on your device. This one is a really great feature for helping small businesses to get it from office 365. You could also be able to access the same data from any device. 

5.    Predictable monthly cost 

Just forget about the upfront costs. It has a flexible monthly billing payment process that gives you permission to add or decrease the number of users to suit your needs. You can’t be locked to into a contract and you can also change the plans at any time that best suits your business needs. 

6.    Large mailbox storage. 

However, we all store all our email box with much messages. When we try to clean it, we end up keeping every email we have either sent or received. But with office 365, it is totally behind you. You will be get rid of it that red popup that keeps you remember that it is the time to clean it up. 

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