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Gmail vs Yahoo


Gmail and Yahoo are supported Email service. Most of the professionals use Email service for the purpose of communication around the world. A user can access Gmail and Yahoo services from their computers and from their phones too. Both services are very useful and both of them have their special features. 

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This article will compare both, the Gmail and Yahoo service to help the user to understand them better. 

Storage- As nowadays everything is becoming digitized, storage has become one of the most important factors to look for a particular device or for a particular service. To store the things online more storage is required. 

If we talk about Gmail storage, it offers 15 GB for free. The storage can be extended after paying some amount. The starting plan to extend the storage is $2 per month. 

 Yahoo offers 1TB of storage for free. 



Security- As everything is stored online, everyone looks for better security. 

Gmail has a variety of security features like two step verification, it also sends verification code when some try to access the account or when a password is changed. 

Yahoo offers security features like detection of phishing and automatic sign out is also available with Yahoo account. 

Brand- When a question comes for a brand, Gmail comes before Yahoo. 

Mobile App- Both Gmail and Yahoo have mobile Apps. Mobile Apps helps a user a lot, mobile Apps saves  the time of a user and Apps very easy to use. 

IM and Email- To reduce the time Gmail has integrated both IM and Email, while Yahoo has two different applications for this. 

Interface- Interface plays an important role when one looks for a new device or for a new service. In this case, also interface plays a vital role. If we talk about Gmail, it has an inbox, compose, sent mail and draft folder. All emails, spam and trash can also be seen in the drop down menu. 

In terms of interface, Yahoo is very much similar to Gmail, it also has drafted, composes inbox, sent mail folders on its left side. The default theme of Yahoo is much better than Gmail but it can be changed in Gmail too according to the user. 

Overall- Most of the user around the world prefer Gmail account more than the Yahoo account. Gmail has around one billion users all over the world. 

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