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The Advantages Of Google Chrome


Chrome is based on open- source web browser engine. Google launched this web browser on 2 September  2008. The web application can be launch in its own streamlined window without the browser toolbar and Omnibox URL box.

Google Chrome also works in Linux and Android devices. This limits the Google Chrome so as not to “interrupt anything you are trying to do”, allowing web applications to run alongside software. Now I am going to tell about the advantages of Google Chrome. There are the following advantages of Google Chrome.


1.    You can see the memory on each page that opened on a single tab. This way one can control the activities on google chrome whether you need to close the page or not. It is a memory efficient browser. 

2.    Google the keyword directly by putting it in the address bar of the Google chrome. Then this keyword search with Google, that is provided the Google chrome as a feature. It can put the keyword to be searched in the address bar of the Google chrome and then get the results on the search page. Google Chrome is convenient for searching operation. These are various advantages of using this effective web browser on your windows operating system for fast internet browsing.

3.    Google Chrome web browser works in multiple processor computer systems, every process such as HTML, Java Script, Plugins and more. These will make a stable browser of Google Chrome.

4.    Google will use the open source Rendering Engine named Webkit. It will use Google Chrome for making it fastest web browser. 

These are some shortcut keys for working in Google Chrome. These shortcut keys make our work easy. Alt+F5 for refreshing all open tabs, F5 for refreshing the current tab,  End for  scrolling to the bottom of the page, Home for scrolling to the top of the page, Alt + Left for going  to the previous page,

Alt + Right for going to next page, Ctrl + D for bookmarking the current page, Ctrl + F for searching for text on the current page, Ctrl + J for  opening the Downloads manager, Ctrl + T for  opening a new tab, Ctrl + W  closing the current tab, Ctrl + Shift + T for  reopening the last closed tab, Ctrl + Shift + N for opening  a new Incognito window, Ctrl + Shift + Delete for clearing history, cache, cookies, downloads, passwords, and other data and Shift + Escape for opening the built-in Task Manager.

If you want to more get information about Chrome then you will contact to Chrome Support or visit this site: